What makes our lip balms different?

The environmental toll from consumerism is increasingly apparent. From the warnings of scientists about climate change, to sea creatures being found with their bodies filled with plastic, to landfills overflowing with our waste - it's apparent that something needs to change. People will continue to consume products, so how do we create a system where environmental responsibility is placed on the business rather than the consumer? 

                                               picture of 3 lip balms in sunlight

The beauty industry is rife with single use plastic production - most of it non-recyclable. This is a huge problem and a huge contributor to environmental waste and contamination. Lip balms are oil and wax based products, therefore they do not need to be contained in plastic or glass packaging in the way water based products do. The fully biodegradable push-up tubes we use to package our lip balms are made entirely of paper and a vegetable wax liner - which is enough to contain the product, prevent leakage and to keep the product fresh.
The push-up tubes may take a little getting used to, the bottom sometimes slips down so you often have to hold a finger on it while applying, they get marked up easier and should not get wet - this may bother some people, but our question is why? Why should packaging that has a short life span and that will biodegrade within your lifetime be something to avoid for perfect, pristine, long-lasting plastic or metal packaging?
We should not think of packaging and products as 'lasting forever', the same as with food. Many consumers do not want to buy organic produce because it doesn't have as long of a shelf-life as non-organic produce and often contain physical imperfections. However, food is meant to have a shelf-life, that's how it exists in nature, that's how we have lived off of it for centuries - it smells better, tastes better, has more vitamins and nutrients and is free of chemicals.
With increasing rates of environmental contamination, cancers and other diseases it is not only in the best interest of the earth but in our own best interest to more carefully choose what we are putting in our bodies and on our skin - as well as the packaging that it comes in. If more people start supporting businesses that operate differently, caring about the health of society and the health of our environment, more businesses will have to adhere to these standards and new processes can continue to be developed to better our world. 
This is a small step in the right direction, and by choosing products that do better, we can continue to work towards creating a healthier society, a healthier world and a healthier future. 


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