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5 Ways to Be More Sustainable With Your Skin Care Routine

Caring about the environment is no longer an alternative lifestyle choice, but rather a necessity for many skin care and beauty enthusiasts. Understanding what goes into the products you buy and the companies you choose to invest in has become just as important as making sure these formulas work—the two are no longer mutually exclusive! So, if you’re looking to make your beauty routine more sustainable without sacrificing quality, here are a few easy tips to get you started.

Keep Your Routine Simple

Gone are the days where more is considered better, especially when it comes to your skin care. Having a 12-step routine does not always mean better skin, but it does mean more unnecessary waste. Narrowing your products down to just a few of the necessities for your skin type is a step in the right direction when trying to be more sustainable. Start with a gentle cleanser and work toward a hydrating moisturizer. Once you have those the rest of your routine will be based on targeting your specific struggles, whether that’s anti-aging, acne prevention, or just adding that extra glow. No two routines are the same, so find one that is simple and works best for you.

Get Rid of Single-Use Products

Another wasteful practice that many are quickly moving away from is single-use
products, such as disposable makeup wipes, paper face masks, and disposable undereye patches. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever use these types of products again, but rather try switching instead to a flannel face cloth or reusable silicone that allows you to apply your favourite serums to your undereye. Being sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean having to miss out on your favourite products, just making slightly different choices that are better for our environment.

Use Less Water

One of the simplest ways to be more eco-friendly with your skin care routine is by being mindful of how much water you use in the process. Letting the tap run while you wash your face might be a bit more convenient, but has lasting effects on our planet. Decreasing your water usage can be done by either cutting down on the amount of times you wash your face throughout the day (less can sometimes be better!) or by instead filling up a bowl with warm water for rinsing off your cleanser. Pair that with a gentle wash cloth and you’ll be helping the environment as well as your skin.

Switch to Cruelty-Free Brands

As consumer interest in sustainability grows so does the amount of brands that are moving away from animal testing. When it comes to skin care and beauty, taking the time to find brands that use cruelty-free practices is an enormous step in the direction toward eco-friendly habits. It’s easier now more than ever to switch out your usual products and opt for cruelty-free ones without sacrificing the quality, so consider making the change today!

Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

If you are someone who enjoys trying out a variety of new products, then consider
supporting brands that use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. Instead of having to toss empty bottles in the trash, you can make a difference simply by purchasing products that are in recyclable or biodegradable containers. 90% of our packaging at Goya Naturals is fully biodegradable and/or compostable, leaving you with one less decision to make at the end of the day when it comes to how to dispose of your empties.

If you want to start your sustainability journey, try out our Intro Bundle
for your first introduction to our products! Packed in biodegradable packaging and enriched with the powerful hydrating abilities of natural ingredients, you can be kind to yourself as well as to the planet.

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