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How to Make an Environmental Impact This Earth Day With The Products You Use



Today is the celebration of our planet and it feels especially relevant this year to actively work towards a positive environmental impact. With everything going on at the moment, making effective steps toward changing the way we treat our collective home is important in sustaining it for future generations. The Earth Day theme for 2021 is ‘Restore Our Earth’, a fitting sentiment as we recognize the negative effects our lifestyles and business habits have caused on our environment.

Every day billions of products are thrown into landfills due to a lack of recycling practises or their inability to be recycled, leading to damaging effects on our soil, air quality and wildlife. Making small changes—even those that you feel might not have the biggest impact—can compound into long-lasting habits that improve our lives as a collective. 

Whether you’ve been on the sustainability bandwagon for years or are just starting out on your eco-friendly journey, below are a few swaps you can make with the products you use that can have a positive effect on the planet. 

Shop second-hand when you can

An easy way to make a positive environmental impact while still getting the chance to upgrade your wardrobe or home décor is by shopping second-hand when possible. Rather than supporting the unsustainable production habits of many fast fashion retailers, choose instead to repurpose items that have been donated to second-hand stores by others. Just because it wasn’t right for them, doesn’t mean it won’t make a great addition to your life while also being an eco-friendly purchase! 


Find long-lasting reusable products to hold food and drinks

At this point in time there really isn’t a need for single-use plastic containers of any kind. If you’re serious about making a change with your lifestyle to support Earth Day’s measures of restoring our planet, then making the switch to reusable containers of all kinds is the way to go. 

However, going out and buying an entirely new set of reusable containers might not be the most eco-friendly step. Try instead to either source second-hand products or, if you can’t find any that work best for you, buy new containers that you know will last a long time. That way you won’t have to repurchase new ones anytime soon. 


Choose skin, hair, and body products with sustainably sourced ingredients

Body products are something you can’t find second-hand or cut out of your lifestyle altogether. So, if you’re looking to be more eco-friendly with your body care while still enjoying luxury products, then look for brands that emphasize their sustainability efforts when sourcing their ingredients. Organic ingredients have less of an environmental impact when it comes to the methods used to source them and the lack of chemicals used to grow them. 

Furthermore, the smaller the brand you choose to buy from, the more likely they are to use fresher ingredients with less preservatives that can produce a negative reaction in some people. They will also produce products in smaller batches, which is better for the environment due to reduced use of fuel and resources for production. 

If you’re looking to help your skin and hair while also staying kind to the environment, then it’s important to become familiar with your favourite brand’s practices or find a few new brands to add to your routine!


If your products come pre-packaged, find a brand that offers biodegradable packaging 

More and more companies are moving toward biodegradable materials for packaging their products. While there’s still a long way to go with making this a common and affordable practice for every brand, there are still many that implement these practices and allow you to be environmentally friendly without sacrificing product quality. 

At Goya Naturals we aim to provide you with luxury skincare while also taking care of our planet. Struggling to dispose of your empties? We make it easy with our biodegradable packaging. Rather than wondering if your lip balm tube can actually be thrown in recycling, rest assured that our products won’t remain intact in a landfill somewhere.

Earth Day gives us all a chance to re-evaluate our practices and make a positive change for everyone on the planet. Being more eco-friendly with your lifestyle habits isn’t always easy, but with the right brands and the right information you can get started on your sustainability journey today!  






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