About Us

If you're wondering what 'Goya' means, in Urdu it means 'the feeling of disbelief and wonder that accompanies a particularly realistic fantasy' - which is exactly how we felt when we realized we could make high quality skin care products that could be packaged in completely biodegradable and even compostable packaging.
With the amount of pollution in our environment, we are making choices on a daily basis that affect our future and the future of every other living thing on this planet. The beauty industry is a huge contributor to single-use plastic waste and most of the time it is completely unnecessary and avoidable. We want to produce products that are high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and that fight to reduce waste to set an industry standard that we hope will be echoed throughout.
By purchasing our products, you are not only supporting small businesses that make all their products locally, but you are also helping to reduce environmental waste and toxins, which is becoming increasingly important each year. 
We are female founded, owned and operated in Vancouver, BC and our products are made with heaps of love.