Why are shipping costs high for lip balms? Our minimum costs for shipping lip balms are higher than what you might be used to for the typical lip balm size, and this is because our tubes are two times the size of a regular plastic tube. This means the tube is longer lasting and is more environmentally friendly since there is more lip balm per tube, so not only is less packaging used per amount, but the tubes are also biodegradable and plastic free. The typical plastic lip balm tube fits within the letter size mail category and thus can be shipped cheaply, but our biodegradable paper tubes are just over that threshold, which comes with an automatic base fee of around $12.00. We offer a flat shipping rate on all our products of $8 and free shipping on orders over $60 Canada wide.

Why are your lip balms more expensive than other lip balms? We source our ingredients extremely carefully, buying 100% pure, organic and fair-trade where possible. Eco-friendly packaging is more expensive than mass produced plastic packaging so that is a factor that weighs into the cost, but the costs are mainly determined by the high quality of ingredients used. There are no cheap 'filler' ingredients in our products, which most companies use to drive down their costs. We use only 100% pure and organic essential oils to scent and flavour our lip balms, and the price of the lip balm is dependent on the price of the essential oil - the more rare the oil is and harder to extract, the more expensive it is. The benefit of pure essential oils versus cheap essential oils is the quality, the purity, the safety and the benefits of use. For example, you can purchase cheap vanilla essential oil off of amazon, but there is no way to trace where that essential oil comes from, the safety of its use or its purity of ingredients. Non-traced essential oils may contain high amounts of lead or carcinogens that contribute to health problems. This is why using high quality ingredients that are traceable to their supplier is important and is all that we use. 

How do I dispose of my lip balm tube? Our lip balms tubes are completely recyclable in paper recycling, and fully biodegradable. Dispose of empty tubes in your recycling or garbage bin. The time it takes for our paper tubes to biodegrade is 2-5 months versus the standard plastic tubes which can take over 500 years to break down. 

Why is the product in the paper tube pushing down when I use it? This is due to a manufacturing issue that we are trying to have solved but have not been able to yet. The paper tubes we use are still not widely available and thus there is not a perfect manufacturing system in place. The best method to use is to hold the bottom of the lip balm tube or lotion stick where you push it up from with a finger and hold that finger there while applying the product. Once you get used to applying it that way it becomes second nature. We are working on having the design more refined so it stays up without needing to be held in the future. 

How do I dispose of my paper jar? The paper jars we use to package our whipped body butters have been through testing that confirms they are 100% compostable in your backyard compost and are the most eco-friendly packaging we carry. The sticker attached to the jar is also 100% compostable. 

Why does my paper jar look larger than it is? The design used to ensure that the paper jars will not leak and can hold their oil-based products utilizes what's called a 'false bottom'. This false bottom is basically a gap at the bottom of the jar that makes the jar look larger than it is, but is in fact housing an empty space at the bottom of the jar which ensures no oil will leak to the outside of the paper jar. For example our 2oz jar holds 2oz weight of product, but looks from the outside like it would hold 4oz of product.  

How do I take care of the paper packaging? The products that we sell in paper packaging are either completely compostable in home composting systems (our paper jars) or biodegradable and recyclable. Since they are comprised of only paper and vegetable-based waxes, they should be carefully taken care of to prolong their life. If you are careful to not put water or oil in contact with the outside of the containers, they will be easier to maintain. 

Does my product expire? The products themselves are completely pure and made in small batches, so you can be sure your product was freshly poured before it was sent to you. We recommend using them up within 6 months - 1 year from your purchase date. 

How many uses can I get out of my product? Dependent on usage, our lip balms can last anywhere from 3 months - 1 year. Heavy use will obviously deplete the product faster, but our lip balm tubes hold double the amount of a standard tube. Our whipped body butters are very rich and hydrating, so a little goes a long way. A 2oz container can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, again, dependent on frequency and amount of usage. 

How long is my products' shelf life? None of our products contain preservatives or any chemicals. Because we are not mixing oil and water, preservatives and stabilizers are not necessary. We carefully choose what oils and butters we use, to ensure that they will not go rancid. We make all our products in small batches to ensure that they arrive to you fresh, and we recommend using your product up within 6 months to a year.